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The modern-day office is no longer just somewhere to go to work. With flexible working here to stay, workplaces are increasingly being designed to increase productivity and improve health and wellbeing, while also illustrating company values and brand identity. With office lighting proven to have a direct influence on both employee wellbeing and productivity, it is a key component of commercial lighting design.

NGA are experienced commercial lighting manufacturers, suppliers, and installers, having transformed office spaces for high-profile clients, including Xerox, Bloomberg and Middle Eight.

Our team of in-house lighting designers work with our clients to create striking commercial lighting designs that accentuate key features, meet the project requirements, and enhance the performance of the commercial space. Find out more about our commercial lighting design service and our commercial LED strip lights.

As a turnkey solution provider of lighting, acoustic and biophilic solutions, the NGA portfolio of products and services is the perfect fit for commercial office design.

  • contemporary office with green rug and big hanging lights.

    Yorkshire Housing – The Place

    This contemporary office space is innkeeping with modern trends, producing a stimulating and positive work environment. NGA provided the magnetic track and spot to the space, alongside acoustic baffles to enhance concentration.

  • commercial office space features three bespoke stretch ceilings

    DU HQ

    This commercial office space features three of No Grey Area's bespoke stretch ceilings and background joinery structures. A total 870m of LED went into this project, including the uniquely curated wooden veneer complete with translucent fabric.

  • Alix & Partners contemporary office space.

    Alix Partners

    Alix and Partners, a Global consulting firm have been significantly expanding their presence within the Gulf and continued with their new office in Dubai. NGA worked with JLL from an early stage, ensuring the office not only met the design intent but also selecting commercial lighting products that could be delivered within a tight delivery schedule and budget.

    “NGA understood the vision and design intent and delivered the project adhering to the required budget and timescales. There was great support and collaborative spirit from start to finish”

    Yullianna PorterHead of Workplace & Design Project & Development Services, MENA- JLL
  • suspended lightbox at Xerox's welcome reception


    This series of suspended and recessed lightboxes were provided to this innovation centre as an acoustic solution to combat the numerous hard surfaces around the space. Discreet access hatches were designed in to assist with the regular access required to maintain the fan coil units. Dynamic white and RGB LED was used to enable an immersive experience for the customer.

    " I really enjoyed assisting the designer with a practical solution that overcame the challenging access requirements whilst realizing the design concept."

    NGA Project Lead
  • Newsreader underneath cameras and lightboxes


    Bloomberg’s latest recording studio in Dubai presented another opportunity for NGA to demonstrate our knowledge of photosensitive lighting solutions. NGA provided flicker-free LED lighting behind our high-performance, stretch-ceiling diffusers to multiple locations on this project.

  • AWR Rostamani reception desk

    AWR Rostamani

    Looking for a striking entrance feature, AW Rostamani contracted NGA to provide this dual matt white and translucent finish stretch-fabric solution, with integrated lighting. Using high-CRI, high-efficiency LED, we contrasted the illuminated stretch fabrics with a matt white membrane.

    "The intricate background structures were also produced by NGA to ensure there was no light bleed between the translucent and matt white sections. Services such as sprinklers, smoke detectors and the like were accommodated within the fabric."

    NGA Project Lead
  • architectural lighting for commercial office spaces for Hira Industries.


    NGA designed, manufactured and supplied the entire decorative and architectural lighting package for this second project in a rollout of commercial office spaces for Hira Industries. With over 50% of the commercial light fixtures being custom made, NGA used a number of materials - including concrete, timber and aluminium - to create a variety of bespoke fittings for this unique space.

  • 4 Lightboxes


    A public-service office within the Dubai International Financial Centre area, this space was designed by Opaal Interiors, who tasked NGA with the creation of the UAE’s first dual curved illuminated stretch ceiling of its kind. Responsible for the full lighting solution on this project, NGA also designed, manufactured and installed custom-made, curved U channels to house ceiling services.

    "NGA comes as a problem solver rather than a supplier. They share our dreams, they defy our concerns and they cater for our vision.

    NGA is a platform where dreams are not so far fetched. I had everyone doubting my vision, but NGA believed in it and materialised it"

    Tarek Shafagoj - Opaal Interiors