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With the endless adaptations to lighting and lighting design, it’s important that each design meets the needs of each space. In this article we’ll be looking at the differences between the UK and UAE and how lighting has had to adapt in different spaces.

Lighting for colder climates:

In colder climates, spaces are typically sectioned into closed plans to create a warmer cosier environment that retains heat. When spaces are smaller, lighting can be used to create the illusion of taller ceilings.

Lighting that is flush with the ceiling draws the eye up to the ceiling, unlike hanging lights that can make a space feel more enclosed.

Choose lighting fixtures that are proportionate to the size of the room and don’t overwhelm the space. Compact fixtures such as recessed lighting, wall sconces, or pendant lights with smaller profiles are often preferred in smaller rooms to save space.

Since smaller rooms have limited space, avoid over-illumination which can make the space feel cramped or harsh. Instead, opt for lighting solutions with adjustable brightness levels, such as dimmer switches or lamps with dimmable bulbs, to provide flexibility and create a cozy ambiance.

Mixed metal light fixture

Lighting for warmer climates:

In warmer climates, open-plan spaces are popular for ventilation. With an open-plan space, lighting can be used to section rooms with layering and create a sense of warmth.

Acoustics can also be utilised to avoid echoes in open-plan spaces while still enabling all-important ventilation.

In larger open rooms, incorporating multiple layers of lighting is essential to provide adequate illumination and create visual interest.

Larger rooms can accommodate bigger fixtures without overwhelming the space. Consider statement chandeliers, oversized pendant lights, or grand floor lamps to add drama and anchor the room’s design.

Divide the open space into functional zones and tailor the lighting design to suit each area’s specific needs. For example, brighter task lighting may be needed in the kitchen or home office area, while softer ambient lighting can enhance relaxation in the living or dining area.

Lighting Design at No Grey Area:

The typical open-plan spaces in the UAE and the typical closed-plan spaces in the UK can both be illuminated to show their best features with the help of a lighting designer.

At No Grey Area, we illuminate intelligently. Our experienced lighting designers can transform any space with lighting designs that accentuate key features and effectively maximise the impact of the architecture and interior. Contact our team to bring your project to life.