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Our Sustainability Policy

Climate change, resource scarcity, population growth and urbanisation are slowly changing our planet. No Grey Area offer an ongoing commitment to reduce our impact on the precious environment that we all share.

Sustainability is at the forefront of our company strategy as we continue to invest in new technologies to improve the quality and efficiency of all our products. NGA collaborate with supply-chain partners who also share similar values.

The lighting industry alone has great potential to help reduce energy consumption. NGA are committed to increasing the energy efficiency of our lighting products, which in turn will reduce the energy consumption of our clients. Where possible, we endeavour to offer products and packaging that are refurbished, reused or recycled – and can be in the future, too.

The majority of our acoustic products are manufactured from PET fibres, which are recycled, single-use plastic bottles. Our stretch ceilings are made-to-measure and, as such, have zero waste. The unique ability to transport thousands of square metres of ceilings in a small van results in a much lower carbon footprint compared to a traditional plasterboard or tiled ceiling system.

Using the most advanced technology available and providing staff training, NGA helps to raise company-wide awareness about the environmental impact of our products and processes.

NGA have recognised the ongoing problem of site waste going to landfill within the construction industry. As such, our company commitment for 2021 is to reduce site wastage and increase upcycling of materials.

NGA are ISO 9001:2015 certified, members of LUMICOM and LIA Associates, and following these associations and quality rules, we do our utmost to keep the planet as clean as possible.

We do all this to allow present and future generations the chance to live in a better, more sustainable world.

We are No Grey Area. This is our mission.