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NGA staff inspecting lighting
NGA team member manufacturing custom fixtures

Plug-and-play Solutions

Since 2008, NGA have been doing everything possible to make sure the client is getting exactly what they pay for. One major way we have been able to do this is to make up our LED in custom fixtures made to the correct length.

NGA’s ‘plug-and-play’ service has been extremely well received by clients and contractors alike.

With supply-only projects, we are often asked what the best methods are to assemble our products. More often than not, contractors would prefer us to take this potential burden off them, reducing the need for soldering on site.

Our highly-trained teams look after the manufacturing in-house in its entirety.

From measurement to custom-cut lengths, we install the LED into an appropriate heat sync, solder on longer cables for easier connection at site, apply the appropriate strain relief and install the mounting brackets ready for site installation.

This is taken one step further by labelling each length and marking up the drawings for the contractor.

This is an everyday process for NGA and can save the client a significant amount of money, labour and time in the build stage, ensuring a snag-free installation.