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The Future of Acoustics

Much like the air we breathe, sound surrounds us and makes its presence known, irrespective of our own personal needs. How many times have you personally been affected by sound? Noise knows no boundaries, regardless of whether you are trying to sleep, focus on an important project or amid a sensitive conversation with a colleague or loved one. In this article, we will discuss all things acoustics. For those that are new to the topic, acoustics are simply the area of physics that focus on sound. Specifically, how sound is produced, transmitted, controlled, and received.

In the design world, acoustical solutions are building momentum. Globalisation grows with noise pollution, rustic features such as polished concrete and exposed services are increasing in trend, the need for quiet and private spaces becomes a scarce commodity. The importance of acoustic treatment is more important than ever.

With this, innovative new ways to harness sound potential are emerging globally and reinventing the way sound is perceived. It is no longer an obstacle to fix but a factor of design. Here, we will outline where we see the acoustic market heading and ways you can incorporate acoustics into your design while keeping up with global trends.

Space-age Acoustical Design

A considerable factor in design is how the space makes the clientele feel. What ambience does it create? Well, put it to the test with the latest development in acoustic design… VR testing! Your hypothetical space paired with several acoustic solutions so you can hear, see and feel the impact acoustics will have on your space. Switch up the scenarios by playing around with different factors such as volume of people, weather, music. This, I think you’ll agree, is a revolutionary development for the industry, especially for the hospitality and entertainment sector.

Main wearing VR headset

Soundproof boxes

Soundproof boxes are emerging all over the western world. From private phone calls to loud machinery disrupting residential areas, soundproof boxes are becoming increasingly more popular. Neither party is disrupted, whether its outside noise coming in or inside noise going out. Educational facilities are implementing boxes to allow music students to practice, without the noise pollution for other students. Noise complaints slowing down construction work? Mobile sound pollution boxes encapsulate loud machinery without impacting their functionality. Lifechanging? We think so.

Soundproof Box

Acoustic Lighting

Are you looking for acoustic solutions that don’t subtract from the beauty of your design? Acoustic lighting is both aesthetic, effective and functional. From baffles to cloud, crackers, bowls, and cones, acoustic lighting manages sound potential while providing light to your space. We predict that as trends move in favour of larger, bespoke, architectural light fixtures, acoustic selections will grow to match.

Acoustic Lighting

100% sustainable

Most acoustic solutions are now made of repurposed, recycled materials. As previously mentioned in our article on the design trends of 2023, sustainability is high up on everyone’s agenda this year; Eco-friendly, functional, and aesthetic, acoustics are the lighting solution we all need.

In recent years, we have seen the market is grow exponentially. Designers, more so than ever, are recognizes sound potential. How it can impact the ambience of the space and thus, the overall design. As technological expertise grows, so does the future of acoustics.