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Acoustics for Hospitality – The Right Kind of Noise

In the quest for the perfect acoustic vibes in hospitality settings, it is vital to not compromise the look and feel of a space.

Whether it’s the ambiance of a restaurant or the tranquillity of a hotel room, the goal is to make guests feel comfortable, secure and welcome.

Achieving optimal acoustics involves a careful consideration of elements such as sound absorption and soundproofing, coupled with stunning design.


Elliot Barron, partner at No Grey Area, says: “In designing various environments, acoustics is often overlooked. In the past, the options for treating noise-reverberating surfaces were limited but this particular market has increased over the years, leading to a diverse range of smart solutions. From sound masking to recycled paper-based acoustic sprays and felt panels, there are now a number of designer-friendly options.

For instance, we had an open restaurant project in which we integrated acoustic felt beneath the tables. This improved the internal sound environment without compromising design. Those smart acoustic solutions are as relevant as the solutions from the designer stage. Our approach involves collaboration with acoustic consultants from the start, ensuring a balance between aesthetics and optimal acoustics in spaces such as restaurants, bars, lobbies or any other environments where noise control is paramount.

So, we believe in not just selling what we have but selling the right solutions, backed up by a proper acoustic consultant.”

14six8 acoustic baffles lighting.

NGA offers a range of acoustic wall panels and textiles that seamlessly blend functionality with design, crucial for enhancing comfort, increasing privacy and cultivating a positive atmosphere for guests.

In addition, soundproofing acts as the privacy guardian, ensuring that discreet conversations and noises remain confined within their respective spaces.

Effective soundproofing methods and well-planned space layouts contribute to a pleasant environment in which every guest can enjoy their experience, without unwanted intrusions.

In the pursuit of good acoustic vibes, attention to sound absorption and soundproofing – complemented by thoughtful design – sets the stage for a truly immersive and enjoyable hospitality experience.