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Stretch-Ceiling Installation

Stretch ceilings have revolutionised interior-design offerings. With their seamless, sleek finish, they have gained popularity for their versatility and look. In this article, we’ll provide an overview of No Grey Area’s stretch-ceiling installation process to show you how this innovative solution can work in your space.


Our Process


Initial assessment


The stretch-ceiling process begins with a thorough assessment of the space. Our experienced consultants will evaluate the area, considering factors such as dimensions, existing ceiling conditions and client preferences. This allows us to create a tailored solution that meets the functionality and aesthetics of the given space.

Material selection and customisation


One of the defining characteristics of stretch ceilings is the array of materials you can use. From PVC to fabric membranes, each material offers distinct qualities in terms of appearance, acoustics and durability. Clients can choose textures, colours and finishes to match their vision, allowing for a high level of customisation.


Site preparation and installation


The stretch-ceiling installation process involves meticulous groundwork. The existing ceiling is cleaned and prepped for the installation. Our highly skilled professionals then heat the selected membrane, making it pliable and allowing it to be stretched across the designated area. Once in place, the edges are secured, leaving a flawless surface.


Lighting integration and final touches


Stretch ceilings provide an excellent opportunity to integrate lighting solutions. During the installation, lighting elements such as LED strips or fixtures can be seamlessly incorporated, illuminating and enhancing the final result. The closing touches involve trimming excess material and ensuring a pristine finish.


Post-installation inspection and maintenance


After the stretch-ceiling installation is complete, a thorough walk-through ensures everything meets the standards set during the initial consultation. Maintenance guidance is provided to ensure the longevity of the stretch ceilings, allowing clients to enjoy their elegant and functional addition for years to come.

Ready to revive your ceiling?


Stretch ceilings are an interior design innovation. Their installation results in a visually striking yet practical addition to any space. By combining technology, customisation and skilled craftsmanship, stretch-ceiling installation can transform ordinary ceilings into captivating designs. At No Grey Area, we’re proud to offer a wide range of stretch-ceiling solutions – from swimming pool ceilings to fabric ceilings and innovative wall systems. We not only design bespoke stretch ceilings to meet individual project requirements but also manufacture and install.


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