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It’s not a stretch to say this ceiling option could change your life - and your swimming pool ceiling

Architects and designers the world over are recommending stretch ceilings over traditional options. And it’s not hard to work out why. They can be installed easily, are low maintenance, reliable, excellent value and come in a huge range of designs and finishes.

Still need convincing? Here are five reasons why stretch ceilings could work for you.

They are reliable and safe

Stretch ceilings are made from PVC films, which means they are waterproof and prevent rooms from the risk of leaks and flooding. If a leak above the stretch ceiling does occur, the material has the capacity to expand to accommodate the water. Once the leak is fixed and the water removed, it returns to its original size – and there’s no need to call in floor repairers because your ceiling has kept it completely intact.

They are energy efficient

The air gap between the original ceiling and the stretch ceiling can help offer insulation. Extra acoustic materials and added insulation in the airspace can enhance this eco-boosting credential even further.

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Curved stretch lightbox - GSO

"Possibly the best thing about stretch ceilings is that you can print any design you fancy"

Printed ceilings

Possibly the best thing about going for stretch ceilings is that you can print any design you fancy, which adds a ‘wow factor’ to a home or business.

Many companies in the Middle East, for example, choose to showcase their best-selling products or brands on their ceiling print. Blue skies and clouds or nightscapes are also popular options – but the choices are almost limitless. Have fun with it!

They are low maintenance

Stretch ceilings are reliable and strong, which is why most manufacturers offer a peace-of-mind, 10-year guarantee on installation. They’re simple to clean and don’t suffer from corrosion or damp. This makes them a perfect option for an indoor swimming pool ceiling system.

Condensation doesn’t settle on stretch ceilings and they don’t react to chemical agents such as detergents. Now compare that to a standard plastered ceiling – the peeling, flaking and cracking paint as the months and years go by. With a stretch ceiling, there’s none of that.

They are flexible

A stretch ceiling is essentially an elastic canvas and is incredibly flexible in how it can be utilised. It can accommodate any sort of alarm system, ventilation or lighting. It can be shaped into any manner of forms too – think arches, waves or striking curves. Then you’ve got the options of prints, patterns, textures, colours.

Had enough of that standard plaster ceiling painted in brilliant white? We’ve got the solution for you…