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Choosing the Right Stretch Ceiling for Your Project

Stretch ceilings can add a sleek and striking feature to any interior design. We’ll cover the different stretch ceilings available at NGA.

Stretch ceilings can add a sleek and striking feature to any interior design. However, there are a number of different types of stretch ceilings that are best suited for different projects. We’ll cover the different stretch ceilings available at NGA including surface mounted and suspended lightboxes, recessed lightboxes, swimming pool ceilings and fabric ceilings.


Surface Mounted and Suspended Lightboxes:

Surface mounted and suspended lightboxes are popular projects among our commercial clients. Whether in a car show room, high-end restaurant or hotel lobby, these stretch ceilings are sure to impress. Surface-mounted or suspended light boxes come as shallow as 20 mm to as deep as 200 mm. Where depth and budget allow, we always recommend a second clear layer – a ‘dust/insect trap’ – to mitigate the risk of blemishes appearing on the fabric.


Recessed Lightbox:

When a flush finish is required, our stretch fabric recessed lightboxes are the preferred solution for covering large spaces. Recessed lightboxes can also create the effect of a skylight, an option for rooms with no outside walls.

Our lightboxes are customisable to fit your design needs. Their flexible materials allow for curves, arches, and angles.


Swimming Pool Ceilings:

Suitable for high-end residential, leisure and commercial projects, our stretch ceilings are the ideal solution for any indoor swimming pool. We have established an outstanding reputation for our indoor swimming pool ceiling designs, delivery and installation. Our work has also featured in some of the world’s most exclusive properties and health clubs.

As well as being able to create stunning, seamless stretch swimming pool ceiling designs with integrated lighting, the fabric is completely waterproof, allowing the many services that are often located above an indoor swimming pool ceiling to remain protected.


Fabric Ceilings:

Fabric stretch ceilings are ideal for improving the aesthetics and acoustics of any space. Our fabric ceilings have the ability to achieve acoustic class A performance, meaning the highest sound absorption is available. Acoustic class A can absorb sound even at the lowest frequencies, which is very difficult to achieve. This is especially useful in spaces such as hotel lobbies and restaurants.


Stretch Ceilings at NGA:

Experts in our field, our knowledge and experience in delivering stretch ceilings is unrivalled. We not only design bespoke stretch ceilings to meet individual project requirements, but also manufacture and install stretch ceilings. As stretch ceiling manufacturers, we are committed to delivering quality products that are fit for purpose. To learn more about our stretch ceilings click here.