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Brighten Up Your Business

Retail establishments often fail to notice the significant influence that lighting has on the overall design of their business. Lighting is just as important as music, décor, and colour when it comes to establishing a company’s identity. In this article, we’ll explain why.

Product appeal

As a bare minimum, it’s crucial that customers can adequately see the products they wish to purchase. However, when it comes to brightening up your business, retail lighting should have multiple purposes. Instead of mere illumination of products, retail lighting can enhance the look of them. Think of it in the same way as makeup- you can enhance the natural features of a product by enriching the existing colours and textures! Simply improving the look of an item will bring a customer closer to the cash register. A ceiling light box, pendant lighting, or a recessed light box are excellent choices for creating an equal lighting distribution.

Enticing new customers

When it comes to attracting attention, dynamic lighting is a great technique. Additionally, it quickly establishes the mood for your business, enabling customers to notice and then form any essential judgements about whether or not the store is suitable for them.

Retaining customers

Customer’s moods can be heavily influenced by elements such as lighting. When compared to warmer tones, cool white lights provide the impression that a room is larger, while warmer tones inspire feelings of familiarity and closeness. It has been discovered that a light that is somewhere between warm and intermediate white helps customers feel more secure and comfortable, which in turn increases the amount of time they spend in a business. This also makes customers much more likely to return in the future.


A good brand will communicate exactly what you stand for to your customers, and make customers remember your business. All of this can be communicated through the use of smart lighting design. Through working with a professional lighting designer, your retail business can benefit from the ability to convey certain emotions or create unique experiences. Whether you wish to foster a sense of excitement, luxury or relaxation, there are various lighting strategies such as accent lighting, downlighting and uplighting that can help you achieve your goal, and connect with customers on a deeper level.

Retail lighting with No Grey Area

Bring your design to life with NGA. We know that not one space is the same, and offer custom services to create bespoke architectural metalwork, decorative light fixtures and control solutions that will transform your space. With decades of experience in designing, manufacturing, and installing products for clients across a range of industries, you can rely on NGA to deliver quality custom solutions. Contact us today.