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As we welcome back springtime, the days begin to get longer, and flowers start to bloom we are reminded how nature inspires feelings of hope and happiness. What if we could channel this feeling all year round? Biophilic design could be the answer.

In this article, we’ll introduce the practical uses of these decorative acoustics and the benefits to our well-being in a range of different spaces. 

What is biophilic design?

Biophilic design involves incorporating natural elements into a space, this can be in the form of natural materials or architectural features and can be either outdoors or indoors. Biophilic designs are gaining popularity for their positive impacts on wellbeing and versatility in a wide range of spaces.

Many of our biophilic products at NGA are in the form of acoustic solutions, such as wood wool and preserved moss. The main purpose of acoustic solutions is to absorb noise, eliminate echoes and reduce noise levels.  

Why should someone choose a biophilic design?

Throughout most of human history we were primarily based outdoors, it is only in the past few generations that our lifestyles have moved primarily indoors. Spending most of our time indoors can lead to low mood, increased stress and a drop in productivity. Adding biophilic elements to your spaces can help to bring the outdoors inside and reconnect humans to nature. 

Studies have shown that incorporating natural elements improves our mood, reduces stress, and has a calming effect. When we are happier and less stressed, we typically produce our best work. In addition, a biophilic design can also increase our creativity. 

When we incorporate biophilic designs we are creating a space that lifts our mood and enables us to be at our most productive and creative levels.

As well as noise reduction, a biophilic acoustic solution, such as a preserved moss wall, can add a wow factor to new visitors to your space. This is ideal for hospitality, retail, or residential projects. A moss or wood wall can create a focal point for your space or act as an accent piece.

decorative light fixtures in a restaurant

Where can biophilic designs be incorporated?

A wide range of sectors is suitable for biophilic acoustic solutions including commercial, hospitality, retail, and residential spaces. Commercial office spaces can benefit from the positive impacts natural elements can have on employee well-being and productivity. Hospitality and retail spaces can also benefit from the boost to wellbeing their patrons could experience but may also find the noise-reducing capabilities advantageous. Residential projects may choose a biophilic design for the boost to well-being but also to create a wow factor for their space.



Choosing NGA

Our decorative acoustic solutions – including wood wool and preserved moss – are a fantastic way of introducing biophilic design into commercial, hospitality, retail and residential spaces. Our designers at NGA will help to incorporate a biophilic design seamlessly with the rest of your project. Contact a member of our team today to get started.