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Cost, environmental benefits and style - LED can lead the way

In recent years, the options for LED lighting have grown significantly. This method of illumination means small business owners now have the opportunity to not only be more energy efficient but also make significant cost savings.

The pros of LED lighting far outweigh the cons. Here we outline why.

Initial cost of installing LED vs money saved on running costs

Yes, traditional halogen or incandescent light bulbs cost less than LED bulbs – but there the upsides end.

An LED bulb lasts on average 10-20 times longer than the traditional light bulb and they use less electricity. That all means fewer bulb replacements and lower energy bills month-to-month – and that means you keep more money in your bank account.

LEDs are an up-front investment but the payback will be appreciated for years after installation.

LED office lighting with fresh plants
Decorative lighting expo

"LEDs are an up-front investment but the payback will be appreciated for years after installation"

Environmental benefits

Efficiency is king with LED bulbs.

Compared to traditional bulbs, LEDs have a lower heat output, reduced CO2 emissions and need to be replaced less frequently. Lower heat output has the added benefit of reducing risk of fires, reduced CO2 will keep you in Greta Thunberg’s good books and fewer bulb changes means LEDs will produce less physical waste that will end up in landfill.

Styles available

When you hear the words ‘LED bulb’, it’s likely standard, spiralled designs come to mind – but the range and options these days are vast. Tube and panel LEDs are a brilliant way to illuminate office environments and perfect for small businesses.

Other innovative choices include an LED light box, ceiling light box or recessed light box. Dimmable LED bulbs are becoming increasingly popular in office settings and a mounted dimmer switch makes for an easy alteration in atmosphere.

And for added ease and flexibility, smart LED bulbs can now be controlled via smartphone, enabling you to adjust the lighting in your space with a swipe of your finger.