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The Importance Of Lighting In Retail Design

If you’re illuminating a store, let us enlighten you - a ceiling light box, LED light box or recessed light box could work well

Lighting has a major impact on the overall aesthetic of a business – but it is often overlooked by retail stores. Just as music, decor and colour can convey a business’ brand, so too can lighting.

Here is why lighting in retail design is important.

It enhances the look of items

Products that have adequate lighting stand out for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it allows the customer to actually see what they are considering buying.

There is nothing more unappealing or frustrating than struggling to focus on something you are keen to purchase. Also, it helps to think of lighting as a bit like make-up – it enhances the natural features of a product by enriching colours and textures.

Just elevating an item’s appearance that little bit further will draw a customer one step closer to the till. A ceiling light box, LED light box or recessed light box are great options to create an even illumination spread.

Primark retail store with LED spotlight design
Perfumery with LED strip lighting shelves.

"Lighting has the ability to affect people’s mood"

Good light makes for a more pleasant experience

Lighting has the ability to affect people’s mood. Cool white lights make an area seem more spacious, while warmer tones evoke a sense of familiarity and intimacy. It has been found that an intermediate to warm white light makes shoppers feel safer and more comfortable, and that lengthens the amount of time they spend in a store.

It attracts customers

Dynamic lighting is a powerful tool to grab attention. It also immediately sets the tone for your store, which then allows a customer to observe and make any necessary judgements about whether the store is suited to them.

Vast options can work together

A number of lighting techniques can be used in a store to pull a brand identity together: 

Ambient lighting refers to the store’s main illumination, which is responsible for setting the overall tone of the space.

Task lighting makes it easier for staff and customers to concentrate on necessary tasks that require focus (and clear vision).

Accent lighting picks out particular products to help draw attention to them.

Decorative lighting is just as you would expect – designed to add beauty and flourishes to certain areas of a space.

A ‘well-lit store’ does not simply refer to one source of lighting – it encompasses many different aspects. Blending different types of solutions can prove to be very beneficial. 

Never underestimate the power of a well-lit retail space.