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Perfect for swimming pool ceiling systems, the flexibility, unique design and light offers endless options

Stretch ceilings have become much more popular in the past few years.

Thanks to technological advancements, the industry has been able to innovate and produce more varied alternatives in engaging designers to create appealing interior designs.

To design an aesthetically pleasing area inside your home, every angle and space will need to be fully utilised.

Besides reliance on the internal furnishing of a room, stretch ceilings enable unique designs and shapes to be created. In the hands of a master designer, a simple, standard room is capable of becoming a work of art.

Stretch ceilings also have the ability to have images and stock paintings installed upon them. Depending on the specific space, this flexibility allows for multiple choices of interior design.

Printed ceiling of a star sky
Indoor pool recessed lightbox star design above pool.

"There are all manner of colour shades available to provide a luxurious ambiance in whichever space you choose"

Stretch ceilings are also capable of complementing any furnishing in a home. With PVC stretch ceilings, the end results offer incredible options of aesthetics. Whether you want a reflective surface, a glossy look or a timeless matt finish, there are all manner of colour shades available to provide a luxurious ambiance in whichever space you choose.

PVC stretch ceilings are also able to incorporate transparent layers upon which a ceiling light box or LED light box can be installed, creating extraordinary illumination which spreads out across any area. Using this feature, you are able to get creative with numerous light source implementations to achieve the look and feel that you desire. A recessed light box can also be incorporated.

When it comes to house renovations and design, the cost of maintaining each respective aspect is always something to consider – and applying stretch ceilings is a cost-effective way to go.

When they get a bit grubby, cleaning methods usually involve a simple wipe or very occasionally a light wash. And if you fancy a change in design, that’s usually a simpler task than with a traditional ceiling.