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The Benefits of LED Lighting in Commercial Office Buildings

Older bulbs will be incandescent with your switch to an LED light box, ceiling light box or recessed light box

In a commercial office building, the right lighting creates a comfortable and safe working environment. LED is a great option. It offers a good return on investment – 12 to 15 times your original outlay – and has a short payback period of between one and two years.

The cost of LEDs has dropped in recent years and they consume less energy than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, so they are the perfect combination of wallet-friendly and eco-friendly.

Here we explain the benefits of commercial office buildings switching to LED lighting.

Less heat = less energy consumed

LEDs give off less heat than halogen bulbs and this can significantly reduce your air conditioning costs during summer. The lifespan of LEDs is from 50,000 to 100,000 hours, so that is far fewer bulb changes compared to the traditional bulb life of anywhere between 1,000 and 30,000 hours. LEDs are also extremely versatile and can be retro-fitted.

LED light box, ceiling light box or recessed light box – there are so many ways to incorporate them. Use them in your office space, parking lot or art display to maximise energy savings and overall light quality.

Contemporary office and kitchen space with LEDs
edgelit lightbox

"LED bulbs are brighter and produce better light quality than traditional options"

Bright light

LED bulbs are brighter and produce better light quality than traditional lighting applications. This will mean your employees won’t need to strain their eyes as they carry out tasks, hopefully cutting down risks of headaches and migraines.

Poor lighting can also contribute to mental health and stress issues, so installing LEDs can help improve colleagues’ wellbeing and productivity. And there’s no buzzing or flickering, which cuts down on environmental annoyances!

LEDs are also more durable than traditional bulbs. That means fewer accidental breakages, reducing the inconvenience of dealing with a shattered old-school bulb and the risk of injury.


LED lighting solutions offer environmental benefits as well. Fluorescent bulbs have traces of mercury and require special disposal practices – and if the bulb breaks, you are at risk of being exposed to that toxicity. LEDs don’t contain mercury, so are easier and cheaper to dispose of.

Customised function

You can control LED lighting with smartphone optimisation, dimmers, occupancy sensors and timers. This reduces the amount of energy used and gives you total control of the lighting system. By investing in a high-quality LED lighting system, you can enjoy a higher return on investment, improve your employees’ productivity and also do your bit to protect the environment.