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It’s not a stretch to say PVC ceilings are good for your eco credentials

PVC stretch ceiling is an example of innovative technology that can help make a space more beautiful and save money.

Easy to install and easy to replace, it’s a great way to keep pace with interior-design trends.

But another reason for stretch ceiling’s surge in popularity is the fact it is highly sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Here we outline the eco benefits of using stretch ceiling over traditional ones.

Fully recyclable

Stretch ceiling is made from a material that is completely recyclable at any stage of its life. It can be reused or repurposed to suit someone else’s needs, whether for a ceiling or another project. This helps to reduce the amount of waste accumulated during reconstruction or after property demolition.

Conserves water

The production of stretch ceiling does not require the use of water, so it naturally contributes to conservation. Water is a precious global resource so anything that can help prevent unnecessary usage/wastage is just a good thing, plain and simple.

Modern room with unique lighting design
cureved sofas in an office building with curved ligt box.

"Stretch ceiling material is completely recyclable at any stage of its life"

Cleaner air

No CFCs or HCHCs are emitted during the making of PVC stretch ceiling, helping to keep the air around the production facilities clean, healthy and breathable. This contributes to the overall health of the community and doesn’t cause a fug in the atmosphere.

Many traditional ceiling materials do not have the same air cleanliness benefits.


PVC is extremely lightweight, making it easy to transport and install. More stretch ceiling can be loaded on to a truck in one hit, reducing the start-to-finish transport emissions. With traditional ceiling materials, they generally have to be split up between multiple trucks, making them a less friendly environmental option.

Long lifespan

PVC stretch ceilings last as long as 20 years. That longer lifespan means fewer ceiling replacements in that 20 years, which reduces waste associated with any clean-up work. And that means your eco credentials are as high as your stretch ceiling!


Most stretch ceilings do not require the use of toxic cleaning products, which is a plus for the environment around it. They can generally be cleaned easily without chemicals, which makes for clean air and fewer byproducts.