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Lighting trends to watch out for in 2024

This year is all about abundance, balance and uniqueness. Aesthetic lighting is vital in creating a harmonious and attractive living environment - but it isn’t just about brightening up an area. It’s about creating an atmosphere that resonates with your unique style while balancing functionality. This is an era in which lighting design embraces technology - think mood-setting illumination, eccentricity and turnkey automation. Read on for ideas about how you can best reflect your individuality this year.

Dining and living spaces:

In restaurants or hotel receptions, embrace texture to add depth and excitement. A rattan-style chandelier – drawing inspiration from contemporary cane back chairs – can be a stunning addition to areas with high ceilings. Spotlights with a raw metalwork pendant take centre stage in 2024 too, providing focused yet warming light. LED strip lighting under cabinets or shelves introduce an energy-efficient warm glow with a practical purpose.



Creating a cosy, tranquil atmosphere where you sleep is essential – so roll out the soft, warm lighting. Whether for domestic spaces or hotel bedrooms, wall sconces add a touch of sophistication. Combine this with smart lighting design to control intensity, colour and timing and you have access to a delicate ambience with an element of ease. Our project at London Curio Hilton Hotel showcases how stunning the results can be.




These areas demand bright, fresh lighting that is both functional and contemporary. LED strip lights around mirrors add a modern touch, while a statement chandelier or dimmable recessed lighting can illuminate and elevate the overall bathroom experience. Again, our work at the London Curio Hilton Hotel shows what can be achieved.

The lighting trends of 2024 bring a perfect blend of classic elements, mood-setting illumination and smart functionality. These offer an abundance of options to suit every taste and style preference, whether you’re redesigning a dining room, bedroom, bathroom or simply searching for a show-stopping workspace chandelier.

Lighting is transformative – embrace the opportunities and allow NGA to make this year a bright one.