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A Beginner’s Guide to Lighting Design

In this guide you will discover everything you need to know about lighting design to create the space you've always imagined

Beginning any design project can be an exciting but daunting task. Lighting design can often be an afterthought but if it is not considered early in design plans the lighting in a space will be impractical or create a disjointed feeling. We’ll cover the importance of light design as well as its many benefits and functions. Here are our top tips for newcomers to lighting design to help your project get underway.

Lighting design involves factors such as colour temperature, intensity, angle, distribution, and control of light. Lighting design considers what the space is being used for and how someone would like to feel, a combination of functionality and ambiance. Lighting design can be used to enhance décor, create atmosphere and warmth, and separate different zones. Lighting designers will consider each of these aspects when planning their design.

Lighting design is important to ensure the balance between beauty and function. Lighting also has a major impact on our mood and emotions. A space used for activities such as cooking would likely have bright and cool lighting to promote energy and focus. While a space used for relaxing such as a lounge would likely have dim and warm tones to create a calming ambiance. It is important to consider lighting design early in any project for practical aspects such as fittings and switches.

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Bespoke lighting design can highlight the focal points of a space while also showing off your own style. Whether it’s an intricate ceiling design, a stunning artwork, or unique structural elements, bespoke lighting design can draw attention to these features adding an extra wow factor. A lighting designer will analyse each space and its architectural features to identify focal points and how this can be enhanced with lighting.

There are multiple types of lighting that can be used in lighting design. LED lighting is the most energy efficient and long-lasting lighting option and features in many of our lighting designers’ projects. Recessed, or built in lightboxes, surface mounted or suspended lightboxes can create dramatic impact in any ceiling light design. Flexible lighting solutions are also available for curved spaces.

Overall, lighting design plays a crucial role in transforming spaces, setting the ambiance, and creating visual interest. Knowing where to start with any design project can be daunting but we hope our guide has helped your project get off to a smooth start. As LED lighting manufacturers, we design, manufacture, and install custom lighting. Want to find out more about our lighting design service? Get in touch today.