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Stretch Ceilings FAQs

Everything you need to know about Stretch Ceilings.

With the continuous advancements in technology, stretch ceilings have gained immense popularity in recent years, revolutionising the field of interior decoration.

These innovative solutions offer a plethora of design possibilities, allowing you to transform ordinary spaces into works of art. Whether it’s a swimming pool ceiling or any other room, stretch ceilings are incredibly versatile, offering flexibility, distinctive designs, and an illuminating ambiance. Embrace the endless options available with stretch ceilings and elevate your interior aesthetics to new heights.

What are the types of stretch ceilings?

At No Grey Area we offer a range of different stretch ceilings, each made to fit a variety of specifications and expert solutions to fit your space:

  • Illuminated Ceilings: With unparalleled expertise in lighting and stretch ceilings, we offer comprehensive lightbox solutions that encompass both the supply and installation of specially designed LED technology, specifically tailored to illuminate stretch fabric. Our range of lightboxes includes recessed, surface-mounted, and suspended options. This provides you with various depths and lighting choices to suit your specific requirements allowing us to deliver exceptional lighting solutions that perfectly complement your stretch ceilings, creating a captivating visual experience.


  • Swimming Pool Ceilings: We offer a comprehensive turnkey service that covers everything from designing stretch ceilings for swimming pools to their delivery and installation. Our expertise extends to integrating lighting solutions and utilising completely waterproof fabric, ensuring that our stretch ceilings can completely transform your pool area.


  • Fabric Ceilings and Walls: With our fabric walls and ceilings, you can elevate your space with ease, ensuring exceptional performance and versatility in every application. Following installation processes your NGA fabric wall can achieve acoustic class A performance whilst remaining highly durable.


  • Printed Ceilings: Elevate your space and showcase your corporate branding with NGA’s printed fabric choices, adding vibrancy and personality to any environment. The only thing required is a high-resolution image which we will print using our high-definition UV printer (up to 5m in width).


  • Fibre Optic Ceilings: Experience the captivating allure of fibre-optic ceilings by creating a starry sky effect that enhances relaxation. Choose static or twinkling lights for a truly mesmerising ambiance. NGA’s unique installation method of the fibre-optic ‘stars’ enables us to maintain 20-year warranties on the fabrics, unlike many other companies.


  • Reflective Ceilings: Enhance your space with reflective ceilings, adding the illusion of spaciousness and maximising light levels when paired with appropriate lighting. From retail spaces to event venues and swimming pools, these ceilings never fail to impress with their stunning visual impact.

How are stretch ceilings installed?

Each stretch ceiling is designed to meet individual project requirements, making our job to install them just as important. Your stretch ceiling is attached to your room via aluminium track which connects to all four walls. However, if the ceiling is to cover a large space, then aluminium tracks will be fitted as intervals across the ceiling so that we can connect the fabric panels.

What is the benefit of using a stretch ceiling?

There are a range of benefits to using stretch ceilings. The use of stretch ceilings offers a combination of aesthetic appeal, durability, versatility, and ease of installation. This makes stretch ceilings a popular choice for enhancing the look and functionality of interior spaces.

What stretch ceiling fabric options are there?

  • Translucent Stretch Ceilings – NGA’s translucent stretch ceilings are used together with rear illumination to create custom light boxes. We’d recommend that the product is used in conjunction with the NGA transparent stretch ceiling which acts as an insect/dust trap thereby assisting with maintenance.
  • Translucent Stretch Printed Ceiling – A printed translucent stretch ceiling is a suspended ceiling system that combines the benefits of a stretch ceiling with the addition of printed designs whilst offering a translucent or semi-transparent finish. It offers a unique way to incorporate customised artwork, graphics, or patterns into a room’s ceiling while allowing light to pass through.
  • Lacquer Stretch Ceiling – A great option to amplify natural light and can be used with fibre optics. Can also be complemented with decorative lights. It is designed to create a smooth and flawless ceiling surface with a glossy or satin appearance.
  • Matt Stretch Ceiling – The matte finish is a timeless, classic look. Instead of a shiny or reflective surface, a matt stretch ceiling provides a more subdued and velvety appearance to the ceiling.
  • Satin Printed Stretch Ceiling – Satin finishes have a pearly, light-reflecting sheen so they’re the perfect balance of gloss and matte ceilings. Ideal for making any room feel a bit bigger and brighter without the high impact factor of gloss.


If you have any questions, or if you would like to find out more about our other products and services – please contact us.


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Indoor swimming pool with a Kenston teardrop ceiling light.

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