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Our Guide to Decorative Acoustics

In this acoustic consultancy guide, we'll delve into what decorative acoustics are, which spaces they are best suited to, and the mechanics behind their effectiveness.

When it comes to interior design, smart solutions that combine functionality with aesthetics are often utilised to be able to enhance any space.

Decorative acoustics are one example of this, as they harmonise design with sound dynamics.

In this guide, we’ll delve into what decorative acoustics are, which spaces they are best suited to, and the mechanics behind their effectiveness.


What are Decorative Acoustics?

Decorative acoustics are innovative design elements strategically integrated into spaces to control sound quality, while adding visual appeal.

Unlike traditional soundproofing materials, these solutions prioritise both acoustic functionality and aesthetic enhancement, offering a balance between form and function.


Spaces Best-suited for Decorative Acoustics

Open Office Environments: With their capacity to minimise echoes and noise distractions, decorative acoustics find a natural home in open workspaces, fostering productivity and concentration.

Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities: Creating serene environments is crucial for healing spaces. Decorative acoustics aid in reducing noise levels and enhancing comfort for patients and staff.

Educational Institutions: Classrooms, lecture halls, and libraries benefit from improved acoustics, enabling better communication in some areas as well as quiet learning experiences.

Hospitality Venues: Restaurants, hotels, and event spaces utilise decorative acoustics to refine ambience, facilitating social interactions while managing noise levels.


How Decorative Acoustics Work

Acoustic consultancy plays a pivotal role in the integration of decorative acoustics. By analysing space dynamics, an acoustic consultant tailors acoustic design to address specific sound-related issues within a given environment.

Utilising various materials such as acoustic wall coverings, panels, and ceiling baffles, they manipulate sound reflections and absorptions to optimise the acoustic environment.


The Mechanics:

Acoustic consultants strategically place sound-absorbing panels or diffusers in areas prone to reverberation or noise accumulation.

Incorporating acoustic wall coverings or specialised panels allows for both visual enhancement and noise reduction, adapting to the design preferences of the space.

Each space is unique, requiring a bespoke approach. Acoustic Consultancy crafts personalised solutions to address the acoustic needs of a particular environment.

With the aid of acoustic consultancy and tailored acoustic design, these solutions optimise the sonic environment of various spaces, fostering productivity, tranquillity, and enhanced experiences for guests.


Acoustic Consultancy with No Grey Area

Our range of decorative acoustics have been designed with the environment and well-being at the core.

Our sustainably harvested acoustic moss offering, for example, is a great way to bring biophilic design into commercial, hospitality, retail or residential projects.

Or, our eco-friendly decorative wood wool solutions have fantastic acoustic properties and are capable of achieving Class-A absorption.

Whatever aesthetic or acoustic preference you have, our consultants can help you find a solution that works perfectly for your space. Contact us to see how we can help.